Thethe lightning thief Lightning Thief
Author : Rick Riordan
Series : Percy Jackson And The Olympians
Genres : Middle Grade, Fantasy

Percy is that kind of difficult student who is sent in a new school every year. But Percy Jackson is a good child. Mysterious things keep happening around him.
His mother decides to tell him the truth and to send him to camp Half-Blood, where he belongs. Because Percy is a demi-god. Poseidon’s son.
Zeus wants to kill him because he thinks that he stole the lightning bolt. Percy, helped by Annabeth (Daughter of Athena) and Grover, his best friend who is a satyr, will go on a quest to get back the lightning bolt and prove that he is not the thief. He also wants to save his mother who is held captive by Hades.

I don’t know why I waited so long before reading this series !
The lightning Thief is so great. Witty, funny, fast paced and well written. There is characters development,too.
There’s only one negative thing I’m gonna say about this book : Percy is supposed to be 11/12 years old, but he is way more mature than a child. That’s the only thing that bothered me in this book.

The last plot twist I guessed it since Percy got his prediction, but that doesn’t matter.
I really enjoyed reading this book.

5 starsOkay guys, I know this isn’t a great review; I c/c it from my goodreads account and when I wrote it, I didn’t develop a lot.


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