the sea of monstersThe Sea Of Monsters
Author : Rick Riordan
Series : Percy Jackson And The Olympians
Genres : Middle Grade, Fantasy

It takes place a scholar year after the end of the lightning thief. Percy managed to stay at the same school for a this whole year.
He made a friend, Tyson, which is this big guy, a little stupid, but so kind.
The last day before summer vacation, Percy got attacked. Surprisingly, Tyson fought against the enemies. Annabeth came to help. They went back to camp half blood but the protection around it is destroyed. Thalia’s tree is dying, poisoned.

This book is so fast paced, full of friendship, and the quest is really interesting. We can see Luke again, darker than ever, on his boat, with Kronos sarcophagus.
Percy learns that he shouldn’t be ashamed of his family and that Poseidon cares about them but can’t directly show it. He grows up. Annabeth is growing up too. She is really disgusted by Tyson at first, but she learns to trust him and even like him. Even Clarissa has learned to accept help when she needs it.

We got to learn that Chiron’s father is someone important. That may be interesting for the next books.
The end is such a cliffhanger, though !!!
I can’t wait to read the next book !!!



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