The Rest falls awayThe Rest Falls Away
Author : Colleen Gleason
Series : The Gardella Vampire Hunters
Genres : Fantasy, Historical Fiction

The rest Falls Away is the first book in the Gardella Vampires Chronicles series.

It’s about Victoria and her legacy. She is a venator, a vampire hunter. She was “chosen” and got her vis bullae which gives her force, and velocity.
But she is also going to make her entry as a debutante. And her mother wants the best for her daughter !
Victoria struggles with balancing her “normal” life among London’s haute ton with that of her secret duty of being a Venator. She falls in love with the Marquess of Rockley.
She is helped by her aunt Eustacia who appears to also be a venator, her aunt’s lover and Max, who seems to despise her in the beginning of this book.
She finds a surprised help in her maid, Verbana who will help her to hide the truth from her mother, and Philip.
She challenges her fate. And let’s say that a lesson will be learned. That’s a plot twist I wasn’t expecting !

I loved the main character, she is feisty, and takes her duty seriously.
She is also a woman full of passion !
Let’s say that this book is like Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the Regency time.
I also loved the male counterpart : Philip, all kindness and full of love, Max, full of darkness and secrets and the dangerous but yet attractive Sebastian.
The vampires were also interesting. The majority were random vampires, who “poof” when staked. The imperials were stronger and in order to kill them you had to cut off their heard.
I loved the idea of the sort of mesmerizing power they have on their preys.

I was going to give it 3 stars but then I realized it’s more a 4 stars : interesting, well built, with a catchy writing style and pretty fast paced. This was not a page turner for me, though.
I will continue reading this series for sure !

4 stars


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