the maze runnerThe Maze Runner
Author : James Dashner
Series : Maze runner
Genres : dystopian, science fiction, young adult

Thomas wakes up in a lift, not remembering a single thing except for his name. That’s all. When the doors open, he sees boys. plenty of them. He is in the Glade. It’s a giant maze, with a central area where all these boys are living. Giant doors are circling this place and closes every night, protecting them from creatures, grievers.
The day after Thomas arrives, a girl is delivered to them. A girl, the first one. And the message she carries is terrifying.

That’s how it starts.
The concept of this book is REALLY great ! A giant maze, like in greek mythology ! There is so much potential, but I didn’t get into this story.

Thomas is a really interesting character, calm, thinking a lot before panicking. A leader.
Newt, Chuck and Alby I wish they had been more information about . To discover more things about them.But Newt is one of my favorite characters in this book.
Theresa is a huge mystery for now.

I liked this book, don’t get me wrong. But it wasn’t breathtaking as many others that I read before. Maybe it’s the way it’s written, that this style is not one I appreciate.
I didn’t like the whole “I ask questions but no one answers me” it was too long. I know it was a way to make us know that Thomas was lost, and confused, but still.

I will keep on reading this series because I wanna know what will happen to them. If they are still under WICKED scrutiny.  3 stars
I wanted to post this poor review because I haven’t finished reading this series.



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