Author : Kiera Cass
Series : The Selection
Genres : dystopian, Young Adult

This story is set in a dystopian world Illea, where people are set in categories. For example, the king and his royal family are elite, One.
America Singer is a five. It means she’s an artist, living in a poor family but with enough to live. She is secretly dating Aspen who is a Six. Aspen is really poor, famished and is killing himself at work to support his family.
America was quite happy with her life until a letter arrived. She is selected to entry a sort of “lottery” and win a most wanted place : 45 women will participate in a Selection. The selection. To become the Prince’s beloved wife. Prince Maxon is set to find his future wife during this thing called the Selection.
America doesn’t want to participate and find this prince so stiff. She has the love of her life, Aspen. But in a matter of days everything falls down.
Her journey begins. She has nothing to lose and her family will get money while she is in the competition.

I won’t tell much more about the story.
America becomes “friend” with Marlee, who is not as fake as the others. Celeste is the character you love to hate. Aspen is a character that I didn’t really appreciate, too.

I really enjoyed it but there were things that annoyed me :

  • First, America needs to set her mind. She is really annoying. If you’ve read the book, you know what I’m talking about. Come on Mer’ ! I really loved how 
  • There are things that are quite predictable in this book. I was sure that Aspen was going to end in the castle as a guard. That was so obvious.
    I think that Marlee has something to do with the rebels attacks. I’m not sure about it though.

That’s why I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars instead of 5.
America handled things apart of her love life. She is strong-minded, and has a witty mouth. I loved her first meeting with Maxon.
SO it’s obvious that I want her to fall deeply in love with the Prince. Maxon is such a nice character, a little clumsy when it comes to women but that makes him adorable.
He is so cute with her, and protect her, even when he is mad at her. Thing that never lasts.4 stars

I already read book 2. As I said before, these are reviews I wrote on goodreads, but without the spoilers part.


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