Author : Kiera Cass
Series : The Selection
Genre : dystopian, young adult

If you haven’t read the Selection, this review can contain spoilers.

The Elite starts where we left the story in The Selection.

America is torn between her long lasting love for Aspen and her new love for Maxon. She is trying to do her best in the competition, but she is not sure she is fit to be queen. She doesn’t trust herself, and she is so lost.
She spends most of the time complaining about the choice she must do, and being angry at Maxon because he is kind of trying to get over her with the other girls, especially Kris and Celeste.

I read it in a day. Yep. It’s such a page turner. I liked The selection better, because in this book America is so annoying ! I mean, make a choice already ! I wanted to shake her, to tell her to act !
But I liked the new strong minded Mer in the end of the book.
I can’t wait to read The One.
There were things that were too obvious, too, such as a king being a true bastard with her son.I wasn’t expecting that kind of cruelty, though.
And I love his mother, she is such a kind person, smart and I think we’ll read more of her in the sequel.
Aspen is still a meh character, for me. He was okay, but I don’t appreciate that character, selfish behing so called good manners.
Maxon is the opposite. I really enjoyed how his character was developped. More sure of himself, not waiting for Mer like in the first book. He is also more myserious which is nice.

Although I didn’t enjoy this book as much as The Selection, it really was a page turner and I can’t wait to read more about America, Aspen and this world.

4 stars
I read this book during March, right before I decided to take notes about my thoughts.


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