The titan's curseThe Titan’s Curse
Author : Rick Riordan
Series: Percy Jackson and The Olympians
Genres : fantasy, middle grade

The Titan’s Curse is the third book in the Percy and the Olympians series.
Before going further, know that if you haven’t read the previous books, this review may spoil you.

It takes place months after the end of The Sea of Monsters, which ended with that cliff hanger.
Once more, Rick Riordan managed to keep me very well entertained. This book is funny, witty, and the epic adventure can be similar to the previous ones but it’s also quite different.

Percy, Annabeth and Thalia are going to Westover Hall, a boarding school. It’s Grover who told them to come, since he found two half-bloods, siblings : Bianca and Nico. But he is not alone. There are monsters, too.
During the first battle, the band is joined by the Hunters, lead by the goddess Artemis.
At the end of the battle, the manticore disappeared, taking Annabeth with him.
Since then, Percy decided to go after her, but as always, it’s not that simple.
Artemis also decides that it’s her quest, and hers only, to find the monster behind this. She left alone.
The others are going back to camp half blood, taking with them the 2 newly found half bloods.
These are the first few chapters.
I won’t say much more about the story, because it’s not the point of a review, right ?

I really enjoyed this book ! It’s a quick read, fast paced and funny.
There are a few things that disturbed me in this book.
First, as I said before, it’s really difficult to picture Percy as a 14 years old boy. I mean, come on ! He is way too mature for his age ! Except for the catch the flag game, he always think before acting in this book.
Second thing, I wish we had more information about what happened between the two books. I mean, we left this world with Thalia being transformed back in a human. And we catch up with them teaming on a mission, but with a sort of tension between Thalia and Percy. What happened?!

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book ! And I can’t wait to read the next one ! 5 stars


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