THE ASSASSIN S CURSEThe Assassin’s Curse
Author : Cassandra Rose Clarke
Duology : The Assassin’s Curse
Genres : fantasy, Young Adult

This book is about Ananna of the Tanarau. It starts on her engagement day with Tarrin of the Hariri. But Ananna doesn’t want to get married. As a pirate, she wants her own ship. So she fly away.
But the Hariri clan sent assassins in order to avenger their son.
When confronting one of them, Naji, Ananna saves him. And he is cursed. Forced to protect her.
Naji is tracked by people coming from the mist, and Ananna is still tracked by assassins. Together, they go on a journey to find a cure to this impossible curse.

The story is great. But I felt like the author doesn’t deal with all the possible depth of her story, like it was written a little too fast. Some scenes deserved more attention.
And the characters description wasn’t enough.
I like the story, the character, especially Naji with his mysteries.

It was like this book was just an introduction to the sequel.
I was expecting so much more of this book. I wanted to be compelled to read the next page, the next chapter, to dive into this pirate story.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, it was okay. But with all the fuss around it, I was expecting much more.

3 stars

I buddy read it with Zorana and we shared the same thoughts about this book. We will probably read the sequel at the end of the month. I hope to enjoy it more than this first book.


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