The archivedThe Archived
Author : Victoria SchwabSeries : The Archived
Genres : Fantasy, Young Adult

This review may contain minor spoilers.

The Archived is one of my favorite books read in 2014.

Imagine that when you’re dead, your body become a History and is kept in this world called the Archives. Yeah, like books in a library.
Librarians are working in the Archives. Between our world (The Outer) and the Archives, there are the Narrows, were The Keeper are patrolling. Because Histories can awaken, and when they do, they go the narrow, and tries to go back to their life. They usually slip. Keepers are here to lead them back where they belong.

The main character is a Keeper. Mackenzie is an unusual one though. Her Grandpa introduced her to the Archived 4 years ago, which is too young according to the archived rules.
Mackenzie lost her brother, and her family decided to move to this old hotel transformed into a block of flats.
She is dealing with her loss, and her job. She has to lie to her parents, because no one can know about the Archived. She can count on Roland, a librarian who know her story and is a kind of mentor for her since her grand pa Da passed away.

She will meet Wesley and Owen. Both are interesting characters.

Victoria Schwab got me hooked with this story. I love the world she created ! I never read something like this before !
The characters development is present, especially for Mackenzie. She got used, then learned to use her brain and trust her gut.
She is not just a whiny girl and I appreciated that, a lot.
I really liked Wesley ! So witty, yet so delicate toward Mackenzie. How to tell her that he knows, how he wants to help her, how he regrets letting her behind when he discovered the truth. He may be my favorite character.
Owen. I knew something was going on ! Well done !

Some parts of the books were a little too predictable but that’s a minor thing, really !
This book has an amazing storyline, a good plot twist and lovelies characters !

I highly recommend this book !

5 stars

I read this book last year, and I really enjoyed it. Victoria Schwab is one of my favorite author.
I can’t wait to read A Darker Shade of Magic.


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