Author : Diana Gabaldon
Series : Outlander
Genres : science fiction, historical fiction, adult

This book is INCREDIBLE !
I started this because of the tv show, and I’m probably not the only one.

The story teller is Claire Randall/Beauchamp, a nurse who goes to Scotland with Frank, her husband, in a second honey moon. The WW2 is over,and they’ve barely seen each other during this war.
Her husband is obsessed with his family tree. Claire is more interested by botanic. One day, she touches the rock onto Craig’ Na Dun and she wakes up at the same place, but two centuries earlier. She is in the Highlands, and at this time, being an Englishwoman is not really a good thing.
There begins her journey.
She will learns to fit to this century, this people and she will learn that she can love two men at the same time. She loves Jamie Fraser, too. A highlander she has to marry in order to protect herself from the evil Black Jack Randall, aka Frank’s ancestor.

The plot is awesome. You can’t figure out what will happen in the next chapter. I laughed, I cried, I even got mad while reading this book. It’s one of my favourite, I won’t forget this story.

The characters are deep and flawed. Jamie is not the perfect prince Charming, far from it. He made things that are disputable.
Claire is a nice character. She is witty and knows what she wants. For she’s done, but can’t talk about (because spoilers!) she is an incredible woman.
The two of them are cute, but their couple is not perfect either. They learn to live with each other, and that’s what is beautiful. In the end we can see that their love is genuine, brilliant, and stronger than everything they had to go through.

Black Jack Randall is a really interesting character, too. He is the Devil but he seeks love. In a mad way, but that’s all he wants.
He is a disgusting character, really mean, but witty too.

What I really liked is the way the characters are written. They’ve got good and bad in them. The Mackenzies clan is no exception to it. Nothing or no one is all black or all white. This is so realistic.
I really LOVED this book. It’s fast paced, well written, fun and heartbreaking.5 stars

Have you read it ? Do you watch the show ?
I own the Cross stitch version, these books are so chunky !


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