Of poseidonOf Poseidon
Author : Anna BanksSeries : The Syrena Legacy
Genres : Fantasy, Young Adult

This book is about Emma, who is spending her holidays with her best friend Chloé. Emma is a little clumsy. She smacks herself into this gorgeous boy called Galen. They meet his sister Rayna.
Some minutes later, Chloé is killed by a shark.
That’s how the story begins.

Galen and Rayna are Syrena, more precisely of Triton.
Galen thinks Emma is a syrena too, but Of Poseidon.
So they move to where Emma is living. Galen goes to high school with her and finally manage to bring her into water. There, she discovers that she is not human, at least not totally.

I’m not gonna tell the story in my own words, it’s useless.
I really liked this book. I was a bit disappointed about them feeling love so quickly for each other, but in fact that was so well explained that in the end it didn’t really mattered.
I love Emma’s character. She is witty, feisty, and won’t let others stomp on her feet. Rayna learned it !

Rayna is what we can call a royal bitch, at the beginning. Towards Emma and towards Toraf. But finally we learn a little more about her and her true personnality shows up. That’s nice.
Galen is so tormented in this book. He have to sacrifice the one thing he love the most in order to save his people. Hard choice.
Toraf is “the nice guy” of the story, I really appreciated him.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book so much.
I picked this book a few months ago, wanting to read something about mermaids. But guys, this book is so so great !
It’s fun, feisty, full of plot twists and pretty fast paced !

5 stars

I read this book in October 2014. I also have read Of Triton (review to come later) but I still need to read the last one.


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