Of tritonOf Triton
Author : Anna Banks
Series : The Syrena Legacy
Genres : Fantasy, Young Adult

This is book 2 in a trilogy. So if you haven’t read the first book, Of Poseidon, this review contains major spoilers.
This book takes place right where Of Poseidon left us. Nalia is kept by Rayna, while Toraf and Galen goes underwater to find Grom.
But Nalia kidnaps her daughter in order to escape the syrena. She thinks that they want to put her in jail and she knows that Emma is an abberation, a monster for them. She truly thinks that Grom is dead like he thinks that Nalia can’t be alive.
But Galen won’t let Nalia and the love of his life flee.

We can say that this book is cut in three parts.
Part one, we assists to the chase after Nalia and Emma.
Part two, there is this huge judgement/tribunal against the Royals. God I hate Jagen.
Part three, well the real action begins, if I may say so. Humans captured 2 syrena, so Emma, Galen, Toraf, Rayna and Rachel are going to save them without hurting the humans.

What I liked the most about this book :
– The new legacies
– King Antonis and his wit, and his love for his granddaughter, despite her being a half-breed.
– The plots twists, the roller coaster of emotions, you can’t get bored
– The “rebellion” against the Royals, I liked it, the way it was constructed, how you can totally see the crowd being manipulated
– Nalia, Rayna and Emma wits

I didn’t like the final plot twist, not at all. And I found some parts a little too slow paced.

So I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to buy the last one.

4 stars


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