sweet evilSweet Evil
Author : Wendy Higgins
Series : The Sweet Trilogy
Genres : Young Adult, Science Fiction, Paranormal

It follows Anna WHitt. She describes herself as “weird”. She only has one friend, Jay. She was adopted by Patty.
While learning more about her and her current life, we also learn that she has special abilities such as better sight, better scent etc…

One night she goes out with Jay, a live show of his favorite band. That’s where she meets Kaidan. He seems to know more about her than herself.
This is such a cliché in the beginning, Kaidan being the dark and mysterious guy, show off, too. He reminds me of Daemon from the Lux series.
I cringed at the instant attraction BUT I changed my mind later, when comes the explanation.
Jay is the best friend. I find him a little too comprehensive towards Anna/Kai “relationship”. Anna is his best friend and he knows about Kaidan’s reputation, but still.

The characters are well chosen. The scooby gang is indeed well balanced.
First, we’ve got Kaidan, the mysterious kind of “bad guy” guy. The son of the demon of lust. He is also putting distance between anna and him. Meaning that he cares more about her than he would admit.
Kopano is his exact opposite. He is calm and more opened. he is also attracted by Anna, making Kaidan aggressive whenever he sees them together.
Blake is a sort of mix between all of them.
Marna and Ginger are also interesting. Marna is the nice one, fragile but yet she flirted with Jay in front of his girlfriend.
Ginger seems to dislike Anna and can be described as the “bitchy one”. But as the story goes on, we learn that she was forced to be like that in order to protect her sister. She also was rejected by Kai once.
The plot is better than I was expecting. We can see how hard it is for Anna to act like a true nephilim because of her education. She is such a good person, and yet she is so attracted by drugs and alcohol.
The meeting is full of promises for the two next books.

What I like :
– the characters’ development
the demoniac hierachy. It’s really well built : dukes that are commanding legionnaries. And the Nephilims who are properties of their evil parents.

What I didn’t like :
– the oh so sudden hot closeness between Anna and Kaidan during the road trip.
– a little too Romeo & Juliet like, to my taste.

But it’s such a compelling story and a page turner ! I couldn’t put it down !

5 stars



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