i am number fourI Am Number Four
Author : Pittacus Lore
Series : Lorien Legacies
Genre : science fiction, Young Adult

It’s about this guy (number four) who is living with his Cepan Henri, always on the run, trying to stay hidden from the Mogadorian. Because Four alias John and Henri are from Lorien, another planet.
They ran away and are now in Paradise.
But this time John get attached to the city and even made friends. He doesn’t want to live this new life, and this city.

First, the book was really slow at the beginning, but when action is finally here, I couldn’t put the book down !
I must say that I first saw the movie, which is unusual from me. The movie was not really great but I wanted to know what happens next so I bought the first book and it stayed on my TBR shelf for months.
Bernie Kozar is my favorite pet ever ! So caring and so perfect !

I really appreciated the character development for Mark. I’m not gonna tell why though, because spoilers !

4 stars

I read this one last year and in the beginning of 2015 I read The Power Of Six.


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