le club vesuviusThe Vesuvius Club
Author : Mark Gatiss
Genres : steampunk, historical  fiction, thriller

The story follows Lucifer Box, secret agent for his majesty. He is investigating a series of murders. Three scientists died from what seems to be a natural death.

In the beginning, I wasn’t really convinced by the character, his attitude, and his inner thoughts.
Moreover, the action takes its time to happen. I was almost ready to put the book down for good.
But, it gets better in the middle of the book.
The main character is not as cold hearted as he wants people to believe. He cares for his friends. He’s trying to help one who got arrested for something he didn’t do.

The plot has some issues. Especially about one specific character : Polka.
It’s so obvious.

In the end, I really enjoyed how all the stories connected into a big one.

I don’t know if it’s a series, but if it is, I’m not sure to pursue reading it.

But, this French steampunk edition will be very nice on my shelves !

3 stars

I read it in French so maybe a part of my issue with the main character is due to the translation.


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