the mortal instruments movieThe Mortal Instruments : City Of Bones
Directed by Harald Zwart
Released in August 2013

I know I know, it’s a book blog and I’m posting two articles about movies in a row.
But since the casting for The Shadowhunters TV show has been announced (at least for the main roles), I wanted to post my opinion about this movie.

I absolutely loved the book. I won’t post a review about it anytime soon but I will eventually.
It’s needless to say that I was beyond excited to finally watch this movie adaptation. Well.

First thing first, the casting. I really liked it, nothing to criticize about it.
Lily Collins was a great Clary Fray.  She is a great actress and I really like her work in this movie.
Same thing for Jamie Campbell Bower. Splendid Jace. Made me discover a brilliant artist (his music is really great). Robert Sheehan as Simon was my favorite. He did such a great job ! I couldn’t have wished for a better Simon !

Kevin Zegers, Godfrey Gao and Jemima West were also great castings.

The universe was well built, too. Kind of creepy and pretty disgusting demons, and very gothic shadowhunters.

Now for the less pleasant part : the synopsis.
Why did they have to make so many changes ?! I mean, okay, I got it, they had to spoil the watchers about the end of the third book, because of the content rated. That I could understand, even if it’s such a waste.
But that change about the end ? The mortal cup ? What’s the point ? The second movie was scheduled. How would they have explained that plot change ? I was so upset about it !!!

So I enjoyed the movie, because I’m not that difficult, but I didn’t like it that much. I was disappointed.

Now, I am kind of afraid about the Shadowhunters TV show being aired on ABC Family. I hope they will be more faithful to the story.
I’ll post my opinion about the cast later !


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