Executive Producers : McG and Ed Decter
Production : Constantin Film

Better late than never, right ?
Shadowhunters is a TV show based on The Mortal Instruments series written by Cassandra Clare. It will be aired by ABC Family. To be honest, I didn’t know what to think of it when it was announced. I liked the movie casting a lot, but the synopsis wasn’t really good. So it may be a good idea to do a reboot. On another hand, it will be aired on ABC Family, so I don’t know… The shwadowhunters world is a dark one, and I don’t want it sugarcoated to please the children and their parents.

But then, they started to announce the cast.
First, we got to know who would play our beloved Jace. It’s Dominic Sherwood. I have seen him in Vampire Academy and really liked his job.  It will be hard to erase Jamie Campbell Bower’s face from my memory but I think it’s a great choice.

Then they told us that Alberto Rosende  would play Simon Lewis and Emeraude Toubia the gorgeous Isabelle Lightwood. I don’t know them. And I think that’s why it will probably work for me.
I LOVED Robert Sheehan as Simon so I was a little worried but Alberto posted a photo of him as Simon and I think he will do a really great job.
Matthew Daddario will be Alec Lightwood, Izzy’s brother while Harry Shum Jr will play Magnus Bane.

Finally they revealed who will be the new Clary, Katherine McNamara. I don’t know this actress, but I think she has more the Clary’s look than Lily Collins did (even though I really liked Lily Collins as Clary).
Maxim Roy will play Jocelyn Fray, Clary’s mother while Isaiah Mustafa was cast as Luke Garroway.
The devilish Valentine Morgensten will be played by Alan Van Sprung. I have seen him in Reign,and his work as the king of France was brilliant.

So now, I’m just super excited and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with the shadowhunters universe !

What are your thoughts about the cast ?


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