L'alliance des troisL’Alliance Des Trois
Author : Maxime Chattam
Series : Autre Monde
Genres : young adult, dystopian, science fiction
Publication : October 2012 by J’ai Lu (first published 2008 by Albin Michel)

This review will be quite different. The book is written in French and I know it’s been translated into other langages but you can’t find it in English yet. That’s why Goodread’s synopsis is in French. But if you want me too, I would be happy to translate it for you !

Maxime Chattam is a well known author in France and I wanted to read one of his books. I let the bookseller pick it for me. So I wasn’t aware this was Young Adult (I would say middle grade, more than YA)until I read the back cover.

I really enjoyed this book. The world is pretty unique (at least from what I’ve read until now) and really interesting. A storm takes over NY and an electric stuff is hitting all adults. Most of them disappear but some are still here, left with the worst

part of their personality : cruelty and sadistic behavior, other are like zombies.
The kids are still here.
Matt is the main character and with his best friend Tobias, they try to escape NY which is so different now. They go south. Matt is stangled and wakes up months later.
They’re in a Pan community, Pan such as Peter Pan, they are the kids.
The adults are called the Cyniks and the zombies ones : Gloutons (Gluttony )
They meet Ambre who become their friend. Matt is hunted down by the Raupéroden, a shadow that may be the consequence of the apocalyptic storm.

I don’t know if this book is translated in English but this is really good !

4 stars

I read it before starting my book blog but I’m currently reading its sequel; that’s why I’m posting this !


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