Author : Maxime Chattam
Series : Autre Monde
Genres : dystopian, science fiction, young adult
Publication : April 2013 by Le livre de Poche ( first published January 2009)

This is the second book in a series. It will spoil you if you haven’t read the first book.

Goodread’s synopsis : Imaginez un monde où la nature a repris le pouvoir, où les adultes sont redevenus sauvages et les enfants se sont assemblés en bandes pour survivre, où chaque promenade est une expédition, chaque jour passé, un exploit. Un monde recouvert par un océan de forêts, peuplé de créatures fabuleuses, traversé de courants étranges, d’énergies nouvelles. Un monde nouveau où trois adolescents tentent de déjouer les pièges d’une mystérieuse reine, acharnée à leur perte : Malronce. Oubliez tout ce que vous savez… pénétrez dans Autre-Monde.

I really enjoyed this sequel !

L’alliance des trois is following their quest toward the South. But they’re closely followed by the Rauperoden.
Matt, Tobias and Ambre meet another Pan community. Then, they have to go throught a thick and strange forest where altered children are living in a nest : the kloropanphylles.

In this book, the 3 main characters are more mature; they are growing up. Of course, they make mistakes but that’s a part of being a grown up. Learning from your mistakes.

Matt is the leader. He is aware that he is suffering from angst issues. He is trying to control it because he thinks that if he can’t, his angst would change him in a cynik.

Ambre is the more mature of their team.

Tobias is the less self confident. But when it comes to saving his friend, he learns to trust himself.

Overall, it was a nice read !!!

4 stars

If you’re interested, I can translate the synopsis in English !


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