ruby red movieRuby Red (Rubinrot)
Directed by Felix fusschteiner
Released in March 2013

I read the Ruby Red trilogy almost 2 years ago. I really enjoyed these books, they’re really great ! I plan on re reading them, probably in 2016. That’s why you won’t find any reviews for these on my blog nor on my goodreads page.

So if you haven’t heard of this great trilogy, you can read Ruby Red’s synopsis here. About the story, I’m just gonna say a few words : London, time travel and a witty main character.

I watched this movie twice. The first time, it was in German with french subtitles and the second, dubbed in french.
I really enjoyed this movie. As far as I remember the book’s story, they did change a few things, but otherwise it was really similar.

I think the actors were really well chosen. Maria Ehrich is an amazing Gwen Sheperd and Jannis Niewöhner is also a great Gideon de Villiers. That’s pretty how I imagined them so that’s nice. In fact, I think all the casting was well chosen.

The settings are gorgeous. Well, since it takes place in London, I’m probably not being objective. (you all know my love for London, right ?) I like that you get to see it nowadays and how it was many years ago. That was really interesting. Same thing goes for the clothing ! So funny to see them dressed for another time.

Now about the plot. As I said before, I read the book two years ago. So I forgot a lot of things, naturally.
But it’s a lot similar and I do appreciate it. I think it’s a good movie adaptation.

Now, I have Sapphire Blue in blu ray, I just need to find time to watch it !

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Have you read this book ? Did you like it ? What are your thoughts on the movie adaptation ?


7 thoughts on “| ON SCREEN | RUBY RED

  1. I loved the Ruby Red books! I saw the movie too, but it was with really bad English subtitles shortly after it came out on Blu-ray. I wasn’t overly happy that they included stuff from the sequels in Rubinrot, but I think the director and producers were trying to make as complete a story as possible just in case the first film didn’t do well and they didn’t produce the sequels. If they made Sapphire Blue into a movie too, I should see if I can hunt down a decent English subbed version!

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    1. Yes sapphire blue is out ! I hope you can find it with decent english subtitles. And I wasn’t really disturbed by the stuff from the sequels because I have read the books 2 years ago so I don’t remember the details perfectly 😉


  2. I really like Jannis as Gideon! I’ve seen the actor in so many movies and I always kind of get a crush on him and then I watch interviews or stuff like that and he seems like the most boring dude. I guess he really has the acting down hahaha

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      1. Well, since it’s my mother tongue, I watch them more regularly. I think I’ve even met him once and have an autograph somewhere in my room. Of his girlfriend, who’s an actress as well, I have one too. They are cute together.

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