hello guys ! As most of you probably know, the first shadowhunters trailer has been revealed ! And I really like it ! It was also announced that the premiere would be January 12th 2016 ! I personally cannot wait to watch it ! I was afraid, because of the movie, and because it would be airing on ABC family but now I really want to see it. I think there are plot changes but I will try to watch it with an open mind. I also think a trailer is too short to judge on a tv show’s value.

What do you think ?



  1. I watched it with my best friend and we both said the same thing about Jocelyn telling Clary about the shadow world and her not going into the coma. The entire plot of the first three novels revolved around Jocelyn being in the coma and trying to wake her. The whole I kissed my brother thing wouldn’t be there because Jocelyn would say that’s not my son, which she did in CoG. Because the reason why Clary joined them was because of her mother. The flying thing is pretty cool, but that’s Jace s special thing not so much flying but he can jump really high and stuff. Also the demon in the club was a blue haired boy not a girl with blue eyes. Plus why was Magnus in the club? Why did they mix the two scenes, Magnus told those two guys that it was his club but it’s not. I loved Jace s sass it was perfect and the scene when he bumped into Clary and it was like ypu can see me. Who is Clary s other friend, the one before they go into the club, my friend said maybe its Mia but she didn’t think so.

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    1. I have hope for Clary’s mother. You can’t see everything in a trailer (hopefully ?)
      So maybe she tells her things about her world but then is attacked 🙂
      And I don’t think that it will be a perfect copy of the books.

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