the martian movieThe Martian
Directed by Ridley ScottReleased in October 2015

synopsis : In the 2030s, the crew of Ares III, a manned mission to Mars, has established a temporary artificial habitat, called the Hab, on Mars, where they are staying for thirty-one Martian days, or sols, and depart back to Earth in their orbital probe. Six sols into the Mars mission, however, the crew is forced to abandon the planet to escape a massive Martian storm rather than risk their launch vehicle collapsing. While evacuating, astronaut Mark Watney is lost and presumed dead as his biomonitor is damaged. With the lives of her crew at stake, mission commander Melissa Lewis is forced to leave the planet rather than risk the launch vehicle collapsing, leaving Watney behind.

I won’t be able to compare it to the book, since I haven’t read it. Usually I prefer read the book first, but I wasn’t really planning to read that one to be honest. This is not the kind of story I’m looking for, you know ? Well. How wrong was I.
I thought that the story wouldn’t interest me. A man, alone on a foreign planet, trying to survive. That’s why I didn’t buy the book. I was more eager to watch the movie, though.
So yeah, indeed, it’s about a man trying to find a way to survive, alone. But it’s such a funny movie ! Watney is such a strong-minded character. He is not whining about his situation. He tries, no matter what, to find a solution to every issue his situation will make him go through. He is a warrior. A really funny warrior. I laughed so much during this movie !
There were also moments when I was grabbing my seat, clawing would be a better choice of word haha ! Because there are moments when you just want to know what will happen in the end.

It’s such a good movie, really. Action, humor, breathtaking moments, you can find all of these in The Martian. And, on a bonus side, the music is really good, too !


10 thoughts on “| ON SCREEN | THE MARTIAN

  1. I you liked the movie like that, maybe you should reconsider about the book. It was my favourite read this summer. The book is even more hilarious than the film and in my opinion it also explains some of the things better. I was engaged the entire time I was reading (and like in the movie, it’s not just from Mark’s POV)

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  2. Oh the music really is amazing! See, in all movies, the only thing that gets me crying is the music. I can watch a bloody heck of a sad movie and still not cry if there is no music. But music is my weakness aahhhh!


  3. I’ve been sooooo antsy for this movie! I’ve read like half of the book, and I want to finish it before I watch it. I’ve been hearing excellent things about it, and i’m sure I will be blown away! πŸ˜€

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  4. I watched the movie a few days ago and I really enjoyed it! A little more than the book too, since I felt like the movie humanizes its characters more and gave them more depth. Glad you enjoyed it though – I was really surprised by how much I liked it too! πŸ™‚

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  5. Omg The Martian was one of my favourite books I read this year! I’m the same I wasn’t really expecting to like it that much and then BAM it just blew my mind.

    I loved the movie as well but if you get the chance read the book, they’re a bit different and (of course) the book is just that little bit better!

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