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Hello everyone ! It’s time to post my November book haul, don’t you think ? This haul will be a little different : I haven’t taken any photo because I only bought e books. Yep, I had been really reasonable ! (Wait to see my December haul, though!) Instead I tried to make some design… I’m not totally happy with it but hey, it’s a start, I guess !

So I only bought two e books in November :

all played out

All played Out, by Cora Carmack.
It’s the third book in her Rusk university series ! I really enjoyed the first two books and I cannot wait to dive into this one.

Hopefully I’ll be able to read it before the end of the year ! Even though I haven’t been in a contemporary mood, lately…


Relentless by Karen Lynch.
This one I got for free thanks to Benjaminoftomes videos called Free Book Friday.

Aaaaaand that’s all I got during the month of November ! I know, it’s a pitiful haul, but I tried to restrain myself. My TBR shelf is really growing lately and I wanted to diminish it a little !


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