Shadowhunters 2

Hello everyone !

I know I’m a little late to the party, but 2 evenings ago I watched the shadowhunters’ first episode (yeah, I’ll watch the second one next week !).

So let’s be honest, I had low expectations for this adaptation. The movie was pretty good except for the scenario. I’m not gonna talk more about the movie since I already made a review. So back to the TV show. Yeah, low expectations. It was hard to imagine this new cast as the new Jace, Clary and co. I also knew that some changes had been done. So yeah, I was a little afraid.

I found myself surprised, in a good way. It wasn’t great, not at all. But it’s only the first episode. I was okay with all the changes that had been done. They don’t alter the story, so yeah why not ! (except maybe for the Institute, with all its modern equipment and crowded with so many shadowhunters ?!). I liked that they gave Luke a new job, it will be very interesting I think !
I found it really entertaining, it was funny, action packed and all that jazz. I really loved Simon’s character, it was on point, really ! Same with Alec and Magnus.

Nonetheless, I wasn’t totally convinced by some actors’ performances. Namely Kat Mc Namara and Dominic Sherwood. I found that they were overacting and that there wasn’t any chemistry between Jace and Clary. But, maybe it’s because I am really attached to the Clary & Jace from the movie ? Moreover, as I said, it’s only the first episode so it can get better !

Another thing I didn’t like was some of the dialogues : cheesy, flat. Nope. They don’t do honor to the banters we can read in Cassandra Clare’s books. Hopefully it will get better ! I saw some comments from people who’ve watched the second episode, saying it was better !

The last thing that was meh was the special effects. I know a TV show doesn’t have the same budget than a movie but still, I was waiting for more ! The seraph blades look like jedi saber laser or plastic toys and I am so not okay with it !

That’s all !
I don’t know if I’ll write a post for every episode, yet. Would you like that ?
Have you watched it ? What do you think of this first episode ?




  1. I liked it!! I agree with your points though. The second episode is up on Freeform’s website so I watched it and the writing was a bit better. Simon got some really funny lines (he seems to be the best actor). I DO like what they did with Luke, it adds a really interesting twist to the story.


  2. Totally agree with everything here! The post production of the show really brought it down. I don’t really have any issues with the actors but I agree that there is no chemistry between the leads. Literally none. The 2nd ep is MUCH better than the pilot, trust me šŸ˜€


  3. You’ve put my feelings in words! I was both relieved and disappointed by the first episode because, on one hand a lot of things were really cool (Simon and Clary’s relationship, the demon stalking scene, Alec to name a few) but on the other I was cringing whenever Clary and Jace interacted (which is frustrating because Dominc Sherwood is a decent actor). However I noticed that it was marginally better in the second episode (not Clary/Jace but everything else) so there’s hope for it yet!

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