Shadowhunters 2

Hello my lovelies ! I am late again but here I am ! I just finished the second episode ! I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys !

Last week, in my post I said that the show could get better and probably would. Well it did !! I enjoyed this second episode much more than the first one !
It was more fast paced, the dialogues were better in my opinion and I had been able to dive into the story this time. I also had less problems with some actors’ performances. Dominic Sherwood will probably be a pretty good Jace. He just needs a few more episodes. And I found Clary a little less annoying ! I still think Kat is overacting though.

I absolutely ADORE Simon ! He is so funny ! I enjoyed the banters and witty comments ! And I really appreciated the Sizzy scenes !
The plot was pretty good. I really enjoy the changes they made. It brings something new and unexpected to this show, for those who’ve read the books. I was just shocked with Hodge. I wasn’t expecting this at all haha ! He is way more hot than I pictured him ! I also think that the changes done about him are interesting. I’m pretty sure it will lead to something great in the future.
The silent brothers frightened me, way more than the ones from the movie.
Now what I would like is more Magnus Bane. I hope we’ll get to see him more in the next episodes !
Also, I forgot to talk about it last week but I am under the impression that they re used some of the movie items : the tarot cards, for example !

I think that’s all. I am still not loving it but I’m starting to like it more than I thought possible !

And you ? Did you like it ?




  1. Same!! I absolutely love the books and at first I was scared that the TV series would be awful!! But I underestimated them. I don’t love it, but it is that bad either so I’ll keep watching!


  2. OMG the Silent Brothers are so creepy. The stitching on their eyes and mouth…I’m shuddering thinking about it. I’m totally with you on more Magnus. Hopefully we’ll get it this week 😀

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