Shadowhunters 2

Hello everyone ! I know I am super late (again!) but here is my small review for the Shadowhunters’ third episode called Dead Man’s party. I watched it a few days ago, but didn’t take the time to write my post. Ahem.

I have mixed feelings toward this episode. It holds a key scene, in my opinion : the assault of Hotel Dumort. In the movie it was delivered perfectly. So it was for me not to compare this episode with it…

A lot of changes has been made. First, Camille is still the head of the vampire clan. Which makes me wonder if they’ll put aside the feud between Santiago and her (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve read the books!).
There’s also this scene where Izzy goes to see Meliorn in order to learn how to go inside the hotel. I didn’t understand why they decided to put sex in it. That’s not how I picture Isabelle’s character. Sure she knows how to have fun and enjoyable moments with men, but she’s also dead serious when it comes to her duty. I don’t know it felt … out of place, like they needed to put a steamy scene to balance the cheesy Clace moments !

I really like the actors they cast for Santiago, Camille and Meliorn. Especially Meliorn haha !
I also enjoyed the Camille/Simon scenes. It was really well done !
Another think I also appreciated was the motorcycle : hell yeah ! Dominic Sherwood’s Jace is getting better and better ! I’m still having issues with Kat’s interpretation though. Hopefully it will also gets better !


That’s all ! I know it’s a quick review but I don’t have much more to say about it. I should have written this right after watching the episode…
Anyway ! I’m off, I need to watch the next episode ! ( So many series to watch haha!)





  1. Well, in the book they said that she had a fling with Meliorn, but I still felt like the scene was weird …
    I am actually not that fond of Camille just yet. Why can she freeze time? Like WTF? Other than that she’s okay I guess.
    I am still not happy with Kat’s acting at all and I don’t like how Jace and Alec are always bickering. I know they have like fun banter, but I wish their parabatai bond would show through more. Where is the trust.
    Did you watch the next episode already? Because it was really good (it had MALEC!)

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    1. I just finished it ! (and yeaaaah MALEC !!!!) I remember about the fling, but I don’t remember her going to “seduce” him that way for a piece of information, you know ?
      Alec and Jace bickering is okay, in my opinion. It’s not bothering me at all.

      I did found Kat’s acting better in the newest episode though.

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      1. I think Izzy would totally seduce someone for information hahaha but not something so silly as the entry to a building. She could have gotten that easier.
        I do mind that Jace is always against Alec and just makes him look like he’s always the bad guy. Alec does have a point sometimes.
        Nope, I still can’t deal with Kat …

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        1. Well I don’t think Jace is making Alec look like the bad guy… more like the too reasonable one.
          Maybe she isn’t getting better and that’s me that is getting used to her acting haha

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  2. yeah, I don’t know why they had to bring Camille into it so early- but you’re right the scenes with her and Simon were really well done. Great review- can’t wait to see what you think of the next episode, cos I’ve just watched that.

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