Shadowhunters 2

Hello everyone ! Today I’m gonna talk about the fourth episode of the Shadowhunters TV show, called Raising Hell.

I enjoyed this one !
I think Kat’s acting is getting better. Or maybe it’s just me being used to her overacting, who knows ?! haha.Anyway, this episode surprised me. I liked the synopsis, and the actors’ performances. I think the changes done were smart. I particularly enjoyed the scene with the greater demon. I think the way they showed how strong Alec’s feelings for Jace are was pretty clever. I also enjoy Izzy and Clary’s relationship. Izzy is not as cold toward her as she is in the book. I honestly enjoy that.
There were changes, but there were things I was glad to see they didn’t change. For example, the story around the necklace, or how Alec despises Clary.

Also, it was the beginning of Malec. FINALLY. I loved the way Magnus stared at Alec like he was a hero, and a oh-so-sexy one ! It was really funny !
Let’s talk more about Magnus ! I really love this character, and they chose a great actor, in my opinion. Magnus Bane is on point. And I was so glad that he got so much screen time in this episode ! Also I love his outfits haha !

But there were things that made me cringe. Namely, the CGI. Especially when they show Chernobyl. Arrrgh come on, you can do better than that !

I can’t wait to see the next episode now !

polka dots bar small

 What did you think of this episode ? Did you like it ?



  1. ahh great that you did this! Haha Cat’s overacting is horrible, isn’t it! I also enjoyed this episode though- mostly cos I loved the “Malec” scenes! So cute! I agree Magnus is so on point- unlike the movie where I didn’t like him- here he’s perfect! (he’s also probably my fave character too!)

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