Shadowhunters 2

Hi everyone ! I hope you’re having a great week end ! I only have the Sundays off, but today I’m trying to enjoy and use every minute of it, since tomorrow I’m starting a hellish week at work. Anyway !
This week’s episode is called Muu Shu To Go. I was sure we would see more of Luke in it, since it was obviously referencing to the werewolves’ lair. I was surprised to understand that Luke wasn’t the pack leader, yet. However I liked the way the path they took to show how he becomes the leader. In the show he made this decision because of Clary.

I think the actors’ performances are really getting better. Even Kat’s. Alec and Magnus phone scene was pretty hilarious. I giggled like a fangirl ! haha ! I cannot wait for Malec to happen !
The lair’s scene was really compelling ! Seeing Alaric’s behavior toward Luke, it wasn’t really surprising but still !
I also enjoyed Clary’s development; she’s becoming tougher. Her little training session with Alec showed us how much she’s changed.
Simon’s changed too. Because of the vampire blood, he is stronger and faster than he should be. And he always gets the best banters !
Maryse is also perfectly played ! She was as much frightening as I pictured her !
I don’t talk about him a lot but Valentine is also on point. Twisted and short tempered, totally mad, that’s how I imagined him too !

Overall I really enjoyed this episode. It was well done, action packed, funny and somehow sexy at times. The only minor thing that bothered me was how Jace treated Alec.

What about you ? Did you watch it ? did you enjoy it ?



  1. So excited for Malec! I’m loving the not so subtle hints that Magnus is sending XD I feel like Clary’s fighting skills are progressing way too fast but honestly, it would make the show more exciting

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