Shadowhunters 2

Hello everyone ! I am here today to talk quickly about this week episode !

I enjoyed that one ! It was so fast paced and action packed ! The police stations scenes were pretty great. I love that we get to see more of Luke, finally !

There were some funny moments, such as Alec trying to flirt, or Clary slapping a totally astounded Jace haha ! It may be my favorite scene for this episode !
The demons were okay ! The CGI are better than for the seraph blades and other stuff.

I also enjoyed the Simon’s scenes. The acting is really amazing ! The next episode will be highly interesting, at least for the Simon’s part.

Another thing I appreciated is the direction Izzy is taking. She’s trying to act like her mom. I think it will lead to something highly entertaining in the next episodes.

Besides some Clary’s scenes, I think the whole cast is acting good now. That’s what I thought, they needed time to become their characters.

One thing bothered me quite a lot : the kiss. Naaaah. Nope. Not that way, it wasn’t romantic at all ! The book scene was perfect, and I think that the way they filmed it, they ruined their first kiss, this special moment. Hopefully Malec will live my expectations, romantic scenes wise.

What did you think ? Did you enjoy this episode ?





  1. YES! That kiss was not right AT ALL. I was not convinced about the show, and I was waiting for the first Clace kiss to see if that would save the day for me. And for the record I love Malec, Isabelle and Simon, but Clary and Jace was always my Otp in this series. So now, to see that kiss, out of nowhere, with zero chemistry, no tension, no Clace at all. I rolled my eyes and I should have been excited about it! It is a shame, really, because as you say Alberto is doing such a greeat acting job with Simon, and Malec are adorable. But Dom and Kat as Jace and Clary…? I just can’t 😦

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