Shadowhunters 2

Hello everyone ! I know, I know, I’m late…AGAIN. But here are my thoughts on the Shadowhunters’ eighth episode called Bad Blood. (Is anyone else having Taylor Swift’s song in mind or am I the only one ? haha )

I don’t really know what to think about this episode, to be honest. There were things that I enjoyed and other that I found cringe-worthy.

Let’s start with the positive things ! First, I really enjoyed the story around Simon’s state. The whole thing was well brought. Clary had a really though decision to make and tried to decide what would be best for her very best friend. And Alberto Rosende’s acting is pretty brilliant in that last scene. That was also how I pictured Raphaël so yeah I really enjoyed these scenes.
I also thought that the way they brought the Forsaken to life was great. I loved Hodge scene.
Alec’s behavior was also something I enjoyed watching in this episode. I loved the way he opened up to Lydia Branwell.
I think that creating the character of Lydia was a good thing. It will lead to some funny situations ! But the highlight of this episode, in my opinion, was Magnus Bane. I laughed so much ! I hope he won’t get too heart broken…

And now… The things I didn’t like.
First, Kat’s bad acting is back. I didn’t bought her distress or her sadness… Which is a shame because I really wanted to.
Isabelle being a medical examiner… Like come on ! I understand that shadowhunters are highly educated but medical skills that complicated ? It’s not realistic.
Another thing that bothered me was how Jace and Clary acted like a couple. come on, you just kissed once ! Oh and let’s not forget how lamely Jace told the faulcon story…

As far as I’m concerned I have mixed feelings toward this episode. Hopefully the next one will be better  !
Also, shouldn’t we already know about the show’s future ?

What about you ? Did you like it ?






  1. YES. The falcon story, for f*ck’s sake… that’s supposed to be one of the key moments in the beginnings of their relationship. And Clary is like “okay whatever”. THAT’S NOT OKAY. But after the inappropriate moment he choses to tell her that, well…

    I also rolled my eyes at the Isabelle going CSI moment hahaha PLEASE. Just no.

    But SIMON. Simon oh my gosh, Alberto is hands down the best thing of the show. The only reason I keep watching….

    Okay, and shirtless Alec.

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