Shadowhunters 2

Hello everyone ! I hope you’re all having a great week end ! Today I’m gonna talk about This World Inverted, the tenth Shadowhunters’ episode. But first : the show has been renewed and I’m glad about it ! It will allow the show to become better ! Hopefully the CGI will get better haha !

I don’t really know what to think about this episode to be honest. It’s partly due to the fact that it’s difficult for me to separate the show from the books.

Let’s start with what I liked. I found interesting the idea of that parallel dimension. After all, parallel dimensions exist in the books series. It’s just that we get to learn about it way later !
This parallel world is like Clary’s perfect life. She has her two parents that are madly in love, she is dating the gorgeous Jace, and has wonderful friends. All is for the best.

I also enjoyed seeing more of Meliorn. He is an interesting character !
Another character I like is Izzie. I talked about Simon, Luke and Raphael, but Emeraude’s acting is also on point now ! I had a hard time with her Izzie at the beginning of the show but now I think she got Isabelle’s spirit !

But there were things I didn’t like.
First, the CGI. OMG, those portals were so awful !! I hope the series will have its budget raised because come on !

I also had an issue with the very last scene. Jace’s dad. I know that the TV show isn’t always following the TMI story line but it’s a key part for the first 3 books ! I was hoping that we would see it the way it was in the books. They did the same thing than they did in the movie. And I’m really not okay with that.

That’s all for this week’s episode !


What are your thoughts ?



  1. Yeah, I got worried at the end, too. After having looked around, some people have said that it could just be Valentine under a glamour.

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