Shadowhunters 2

Hello everyone ! Today I’m gonna talk about Malec which is the Shadowhunters’ twelfth episode !

This episode was pretty great, in my opinion. Probably because it didn’t include too many special effects haha !
I am so glad that the marriage was cancelled because seriously I wasn’t okay at all with this part of the story. It wouldn’t have fit Alec.
Most of the episode were small parts of the book.Ragnor Fell’s spell and the book of the white, for example. I really like what they did for this character.

It’s the same about the Clace relationship; Jace avoiding Clary because he is unable to deal with his incestuous feelings toward her.
Simon’s getting hopeful. With Jace no longer in the run, he can court Clary ! It’s gona be painful, very painful to watch.

The part about Hodge being the mole is also very faithful to the book. I really appreciate that. We don’t know if he killed Lydia, yet. The next episode will be full of events I believe !

Now for the most exciting part : Malec ! Haaaa Malec ! I am so glad it happened ! I was literally bouncing on my chair for the whole scene ! FINALLY !
They’re so cute together ! I can’t wait to see their relationship growing into what we know !

The only negative thing I have to say is about Dominic’s acting on his scene with Alec, the bachelor party one. I wasn’t convinced at all. But to be honest it’s really a minor thing.
The show has evolved so much since the first episode. It’s not the best show of the year, but it’s an okay show, with some great moments ! I am glad it got renewed for a second season !


What are your thoughts ? Did you enjoy this episode ?







  1. I totally agree that this episode was the best so far! My theory is that it didn’t have that many Clary scenes (I’m sorry but I really dislike the actress hahaha) Malaec was literally the most adorable thing ever i was like low-key spazing out while they were kissing!

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  2. Clary: “I’m working on my right hook” Jace: “Oh uh, that’s a good punch” I WAS CRY LAUGHING SO HARD XD And yes Malec finally!! I was so excited for this episode and it delivered.

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