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Hello everyone ! Today I’m gonna talk about the signing event I went this week end ! It was the very first I went to and I cannot wait to go to another haha !
A week ago or so, I complained to a British friend that in order to get a book signed, I would have to go to an UK event. Because it’s not that often that international authors come to France, and when they do, it’s almost exclusively to Paris.
So you can imagine my surprise when I found out that Colleen Hoover, one of my fav author, was coming in France, and even more surprising, that she was coming to my city ! I was so shocked ! So I instantly picked up November 9 ! (that I was planning on reading at the end of the month). We could have 3 books signed for each author. I haven’t read any Anna Todd’s book, yet. I don’t know if I ever will. I must confess I am intrigued because there’s so much buzz surrounding her books !

So I arrived 2 hours earlier. I met really nice people, some are bloggers, too. We talked about so many different things ! There were so many people that finally theyonly allowed one book signed by author. Since I didn’t have any Anna Todd’s book, I took one for one of the people I was talking with.

The publishing house (Hugo New Romance) had prepared After’s bracelets for us, that was so nice of them ! Also, Cultura’s crew, the bookstore where the event took place was amazing. They were kind, funny and took really great care of us (water and candies !).

When it was finally my turn, it was so quick ! Photos and a book signed and voilà ! But since I’m pretty stubborn, I stayed until the end of the event. I got a second book signed, and talked quickly with her. And it was… as if I had lost my English. I’m better when it comes to writing, but right then my pronunciation was more than awful. And how difficult it was to tell “author” ! Seriously ! I was pretty ashamed to be honest ! I told her how her books have the power to break my heart and then mend it back and that she was one of my fav author. (I’m gonna say writer. Easier haha !) She told me how beautiful was our city. That’s the funny thing, everyone coming in Marseille say so, but I am unable to really appreciate its beauty. It’s probably because I’m living here. That’s what I told her.


There’s another event in September, a bigger one. I’ll probably be able to go and I cannot wait for it !

So thank you Anna Todd and Colleen Hoover for being so sweet ! It was a pleasure to meet them !

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Et merci à la maison d’édition Hugo New Romance pour l’organisation de cet évènement. Merci également à l’équipe de Cultura la Valentine pour votre gentillesse et disponibilité !










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