let's talk about blurbsHello everyone ! How was your week end ? Mine has been pretty busy ! Anyway !

Today I want to talk about the blurb. Or summary. Or synopsis. I don’t really know how to call it. I often buy books without having read the whole blurb. Why, you might ask. Well, I found them full of spoilers, most of the time. Not major ones, of course. But about some events or issues we aren’t supposed to know about when starting the book. Things that happen a few chapters later. And it really bothers me !
So, usually I read the first sentences of the blurb, and that’s all. It’s enough to know what the book is about, and avoid any spoiler.

I also prefer when readers talk about the book (via booktube or bookblogs) because I find that they’re doing better summaries than the blurb itself.

In my opinion, it’s the best way to learn things about a book you didn’t know about ! They go straight to the point, and avoid spoilers ! (of course, I don’t stay for the whole review haha)

How do you do ? Do you read the synopsis, or avoid it ?




  1. I usually skim over the blurb, reading the gist of it but not really paying much attention as to what it is about. I think I have totally blocked out the book summary of some stories and then it was just so much better while reading, because I didn’t see everything coming!

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  2. I almost never read a full blurb either! Or I read it and then when I’ve forgotten what the book was about 2 weeks later I go in blind. Blurbs always contain all the spoilers! I’m the same as you I’d rather just here about it on the blogisphere!

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  3. This is so true – although usually when I don’t read the blurb but buy the book it’s because I’m like a crazy person in a bookstore throwing all my money away and a pretty cover and the word ‘dragon’ is good enough. Ahem. But I often don’t read blurbs because I love going into books blind – I find it so annoying when you get those blurbs that literally summarise the book, like, what are you doing? Who thought this was a good idea?! WHY?!!

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  4. I have to admit that for overrated books I just skip the blurb and going straight into the book LOL but yeah reading it for less popular books always helps :)-Trang

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