Sapphire blue movieSapphire Blue (Saphirblau)
Directed by Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöde
Released in August 2014

This is the movie adaptation of Kerstin Gier’s Sapphire Blue, second book in the Precious Stones trilogy.

I watched the first movie last year, you can read my review here . I read the books years ago so I don’t remember all the little details or in which book it happened. But that’s okay !


I really enjoyed this movie. Let’s be honest, it’s far from being the movie of the year. But it doesn’t have the pretentiousness to be. It’s a rather great adaptation of a nice book !

In this sequel, Gwen (Maria Ehrich) is trying to find her role in all this time travel madness. She is desperately falling for her time travel partner, Gideon (Jannis Niewöhner). She also wants to trust Paul and Lucy, time travelers who eloped many years ago.

It seems a very faithful screen adaptation, for what I recall of the book. I believe there were some events that are in the third book but it was very coherent so it’s not an issue, in my opinion.
I was a little disappointed with Xemerius’ look but I’m sure they did the best they could. It’s not a blockbuster so the CGI budget mustn’t be that big haha !
I noticed one thing that has been changed : the song Gwen sang ! I was so happy when she started singing The Time Warp from A Rocky Horror Picture Show !
I loved the outfits they had to wear for their travels in the pasts. Gwen’s dress with the ribbons was magnificent !

Its ends on a cliffhanger somehow. I’m glad I’ve read the books so I know what happens next (at least for the biggest things haha).
If what I’ve found on the internet is true then Emerald Green, the third and final movie is set to be released in June. In German. So maybe it will be available for the end of the year in French !

polka dots bar small

What about you ? Have you seen it ? Did you like it ?



7 thoughts on “| ON SCREEN | SAPPHIRE BLUE

  1. I really like the movies, but I think they are often only targeted at 12-year-olds. I know the German production company and they aren’t necessarily doing a bad job, but movies that are produced in German quite look like the stuff they co-produce in the English language.

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      1. I think so. I think they could do way better, but that they don’t want to “waste” so much money on the small german market since it can’t really be sold into the English market since they don’t like dubbed movies.

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        1. That’s a shame ! I watched it in German with French subtitles bc I think it’s better than the dubbed version. But still, it shouldn’t be an issue. Moreover if they were “wasting” more money to make better movies, I’m pretty sure that more non german speakers would watch them..

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          1. I’ve lived in the US for a bit and I can tell you that there is no market for dubbed movies there. They hate them so much, not being aware that the rest of the world mostly watched their movies dubbed. I don’t anymore, but when I was younger I did all the time.

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