SILVER LINING PLAYBOOKSilver Linings Playbook (Happiness Therapy)
Directed by David O. Russel
Released November 16th, 2012 (US), January 30th, 2013 (FR)

This is the movie adaptation of The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick.

Let’s start with : I haven’t read the book. Yeah, I know ! I usually read the book BEFORE watching the movie.

Anyway, the story is about Pat who is coming back at his parents’ when the psychiatric hospital releases him. He is determined to win his ex wife back. He befriends Tiffany who will help him if he accepts to enter a dance competition with her.

I don’t know how faithful the movie is the the book. I’ve just read the book’s synopsis and I already noticed some differences.

This movie deals with mental illnesses. First Pat (Bradley Cooper), is suffering from a bipolar disorder. He snapped when he found his wife cheating with a work colleague, in his bath tub.
Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), on her side, is dealing with a severe depression since she has lost her husband in a car accident.

Together they are healing, way better than in an hospital or shoot by meds.  That’s their way of coping, of saying farewell to their old relationships. I found that movie particularly poetic, in a way. It’s a beautiful story of two devastated souls. It’s the story of their journey to recovery !

And they aren’t the only ones suffering from mental illnesses : Pat’s father is addicted to bookmaking. He bets on football matches and has his little “habits” or what I would call OCD.

It was really interesting to see how these people were dealing with their diseases. It’s not a light topic but it was told in a lighter tone ! Plus there was dancing involved, which is always a bonus !

So yeah I really liked this movie !



  1. Ah I love this movie, and you should definitely pick up the book, it’s pretty short and really good!


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