A Book Of Spirits And ThievesA Book Of Spirits And Thieves
Author : Morgan Rhodes
Series : Spirits And Thieves
Genres : Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication : June 23rd 2015 by Razorbill

Goodreads’ synopsis : Modern-day sisters discover deadly ancient magic in book 1 of this Falling Kingdoms spin-off series!

Worlds collide in this suspenseful, page-turning Falling Kingdoms spin-off series, which explores a whole new side of Mytica—and an even darker version of its magic.

Crystal Hatcher, Modern-day Toronto: It’s a normal afternoon in her mother’s antique bookshop when Crys witnesses the unthinkable: her little sister Becca collapses into a coma after becoming mesmerized by a mysterious book written in an unrecognizable language.

Maddox Corso, Ancient Mytica: Maddox Corso doesn’t think much of it when he spots an unfamiliar girl in his small village. Until, that is, he realizes that she is a spirit, and he is the only one who can see or hear her. Her name is Becca Hatcher, and she needs Maddox to help get her home.

Farrell Grayson, Modern-day Toronto: Rich and aimless Farrell Grayson is thrilled when the mysterious leader of the ultra-secret Hawkspear Society invites him into the fold. But when he learns exactly what he has to do to prove himself, Farrell starts to question everything he thought he knew about family, loyalty, and himself….

Fate has brought these young people together, but ancient magic threatens to rip them apart.

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I’m gonna start this review by saying this : I wasn’t in the best conditions to fully enjoy this book. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I would probably have liked it more.


This story takes place in two parallel universes.
Crystal “Crys” Hatcher is living in a modern-day Toronto. She is living with her mother and her sister Becca.
The other universe is our well-known (well, if you’ve read Falling Kingdoms !) Mytica, where Maddox is living, forced to obey his stepfather, Livius.

When Becca lays her hands on a particular book, her mind is sent to Mytica, while her body goes catatonic in her world.

As I said, I wasn’t in my usual state while reading it. That’s probably why it took me a while to feel invested in the story.
But, the plot is really really interesting ! It mixes two universes, space and maybe time travel and mystery. The conspiracy around the Hawkspear society is highly interesting ! For the most part of this book, we didn’t learn a lot about it and his powerful leader. That’s what hooked me ! I wanted to learn everything I could about it !

I loved the different POV. It’s like we’ve got two stories inside of one book. Crys’ POV is really interesting. It was my favorite one. She is dealing with so much in such a short period. And she is facing it with such maturity !
Maddox’ POV is the only one when it comes to Mytica. It was funny and interesting to see the past of Mytica !
Farrell’s POV is rich in character’s evolution. It’s the dark side of this story ! And I really can’t hep but like him !

So much is happening in this book ! It’s fast paced and fascinating ! I also had a lot of fun trying to see any connections with the Mytica from the Falling Kingdoms’ era.

I can’t wait for the second book to be released ! I am relieved there are only a few weeks before its release !

Tears aren’t just for babies. They’re proof that you feel something and aren’t afraid to show it. It’s those that won’t ever allow themselves to cry that are the weak ones.

Although it took me time to get into the story, I immediately liked Crys. She is so fierce, stubborn and cunning ! Plus she loves photography. She really is a great character.
Her sister seems weaker but revealed her strength when she had to. She helped Maddox when he was in need for a friend.


– Crystal is such a nice and great character. She does whatever she has to. She is astonishingly mature for her age.
– Maddox is such a good child. He’s in for a hell of a journey ! He wasn’t expecting to be followed by the ghost of a lovely girl and to find out that he was important and powerful.
– Farrell is highly interesting ! It may be the most interesting character in my opinion ! He is so complex ! We get to see his evolution. He gets darker and loses his morality and isn’t aware of it at all. The only thing that isn’t changing is that he feels the need to protect his brother.

I want to be respected. I want to be powerful. And yes, I want to be special. I want to leave a mark on this world so no one forgets who I was.

I want to be respected. I want to be powerful. And yes, I want to be special. I want to leave a mark on this world so no one forgets who I was.

4 stars

Overall I really enjoyed this book ! It’s a great and original fantasy read !


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About the author

Morgan RhodesMorgan Rhodes lives in Ontario, Canada. As a child, she always wanted to be a princess — the kind that knows how to wield a sharp sword to help save both kingdoms and princes from fire-breathing dragons and dark wizards. Instead, she became a writer, which is just as good and much less dangerous. Along with writing, Morgan enjoys photography, travel, reality TV, and is an extremely picky, yet voracious reader of all kinds of books. Under another pen name, she’s a national bestselling author of many paranormal novels. Falling Kingdoms is her first high fantasy.




  1. I feel you. I didn’t love it as much as I do Falling Kingdoms. But I do love the contrast and connections between modern day and old Mytica 😀


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