let's talk bloglovin

Hello lovelies ! It has been a while since my last discussion post ! Today I want to talk about the use of Bloglovin’ !

What is bloglovin’ ? It’s a platform where you can follow blogs. So far, it’s the same thing as the wordpress reader. But it’s better ! Why ? Because you can follow blogs from all the platforms. Which I found handy because I follow blogs from different platforms and  it was more convenient than the reader.
And it also gives more visibility to your blog.

I signed up a few months ago and tried to use it as best as I could ! But after a few weeks I gave up, I think. I wasn’t really using it to read posts from said blogs. And I was kind of annoyed by seeing the same posts on my reader on wordpress and on bloglovin…

But lately I’ve decided to give it another try. Maybe I wasn’t using it properly, who knows ?

Are you using it ? Do you have any tips ?


Here is mine : Bloglovin’


9 thoughts on “| LET’S TALK | BLOGLOVIN

  1. I tried it out when I first started but I couldn’t get it at all, I was never reading anything via Bloglovin and it was just so confusing to me! I tried for a while, deleted it then tried again and I didn’t get the tricks as to what it was meant to do or how we were really meant to use it so I gave up…


  2. I have my blog listed on there, but I find that I rarely ever go on. Most of the blogs I follow closely are on WordPress anyway, so why bother with a different site? Maybe I just never got into it, and never really worked on figuring it out, but I like WordPress’ layout better anyway.

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