Hello lovelies ! It’s has been a while since I wrote a discussion post ! Today I want to talk about fanfictions !

Many years ago I was a big fan of fanfictions. I was a member of a forum, and a very active member of the fan fiction section. I was writing and reading.
I was also often visiting fanfiction.net, a pretty famous fan fiction website.

But it was years ago. Up until a few months ago, I was afraid of reading fanfictions turned into actual books. It was more developed than I thought possible… Fifty Shades Of Grey, After, and many more.
I always refused to read any. I don’t really know why but I got this stupid idea stupid in my mind that a fanfiction couldn’t be a good book. A fanfiction can be great, but it’s still written by people that aren’t necessary writers. In my head, a fanfiction published as a book couldn’t be good. It’s probably because Fifty Shades Of Grey was heavily criticized for its writing style (and its content, but this post isn’t about it haha)

A few months ago I went to a signing event in Marseille, to meet Colleen Hoover. Anna Todd was there. And I talked with people who adored her books. I also learned that a big Romance festival would take place near my city, and Anna Todd would be here once again.
I decided I would read as many books from authors attending than I could. Hence I picked After. Of course it has its flaws, but I was really surprised by how addicting it was ! I was hooked.
I changed my mind about fanfictions.  There are good and bad fanfictions, as much as there are good and bad books.


What do you think of fanfictions ? Do you like them ? Have you read a book that used to be a fanfiction ??


11 thoughts on “| LET’S TALK | FANFICTIONS

  1. I’ve actually never read fanfiction before, especially for books that will be released in the future because I like to keep guessing and find out what really happens. However, I’ll probably have to start reading Scorpius Malfoy fanfiction soon if there won’t be another series featuring the next generation!

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  2. I am absolutely in love with Fanfiction, I still constantly read them to this day and I’ve made it a point to read pulled to published fanfictions and share my experience on my blog. I have a post called Published Fanfiction: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly which has recs of some that I’ve read so far. Not all of them are great and there’s a fine line needed to transform a Fanfiction to a book but I’ve read a few that are successful

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  3. I like fanfiction. I love the idea, and I’ve tried my hand in writinf them. However, I wish there were more fanfiction that focused on the plot rather than romance and shipping (I’m talking about book fanfiction, not rpf like After).

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  4. I’ve always been a very picky fanfiction reader, but it definitely helped me figure out what I like or dislike when I’m reading, and it was very easily accessible when I wasn’t able to get to the library as a kid. I still keep up with a few authors, actually!

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  5. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fanfiction reader, but I really love the idea behind it, and it’s so inspiring to see so many people getting into writing thanks to this. It makes me happy, and I’m glad to hear that this preconceived idea of fanfiction becoming books end up being, well… books that aren’t so bad after all. Maybe I’ll try it out someday! 🙂

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  6. I don’t really have an opinion on fanfics, but here’s my opinion: I think that they could be pretty good if they use good structure, vocabulary and characters. I’m not ok with them if they’re inappropriate because I think it would be extremely disturbing. Just my opinion👍👍

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