Bridget Jones’s Baby
Directed by Sharon Maguire
Released September 16th 2016 (US/UK), October 5th (France).

I have to confess, I haven’t read the book before watching this movie. I wanted to, though. Last week end I went to the New Romance Festival hosted by Hugo Romance, in Bandol. They gave us the opportunity to attend the premiere in a lovely movie theater.

This movie is based on the third Bridget Jones’s book, written by Helen Fielding. It follows Bridget, single once again who has sex with Darcy and Jack on the same week. Of course, she gets pregnant. Of course, she doesn’t who the father is !

I have read the two previous books and adored them. They are so witty, funny and also managed to make me cry ugly tears, too. The previous movies were also great ones.
So I wasn’t really afraid for that one. I was pretty sure I would end loving it too ! And I was right, this movie was, in my opinion, the funniest ! Bridget always finds herself into so unbelievable situations that me burst out laughing ! And I wasn’t the only one, far from it ! The whole room was laughing so much !

This third movie introduces us to Jack, another suitor for our dear Bridget. Jack is Mark Darcy’s exact opposite and it was so funny to see them compete for the “best future dad” trophy !

I really enjoyed this movie, I highly recommend it !




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