Hello hello everyone ! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas ! I was contacted by Eventbrite  (a ticketing platform with the tools to create and host your own conference) to make a post about something every book lover has thought of: a dream book conference panel.

Who hasn’t imagined it ? Your favorites authors talking about their books, or how they created their latest story ?
Of course, it’s difficult to pick just ONE dream panel. But there were one that immediately came to my mind.
I read all kind of books, but I’m a huge fantasy lover. And I’m a sucker for magic. But there are so many books where magic is involved that I’m always impressed to find an original kind of magic. So, listening to a panel talking about how they crafted a whole new magic would be really interesting !

Now, who I would like to see on that panel ? That’s pretty easy !

V. E. Schwab is the author of the Shades Of Magic trilogy. The third book is yet to be released. One of the main characters, Kell, is an antari. He can wield blood magic. She also created a specific language !
Brandon Sanderson wrote the Mistborn series. In this universe, there are different kind of magic : allomancy, feruchemy and hemalurgy. These magic systems are based on metals which are used to grant abilities. Each metal gives a specific ability.
Leigh Bardugo is the author of the Grisha trilogy. Grisha are also using magic. They practice the small science. Yep, science. Grisha are manipulating matter at its most basic form, that’s why it’s considered science.

I would love to see them on a panel, talking about their magic system. How they imagined such intricate magic system, what inspired them ? I find it very impressive when I read a book that delivers an original magic system !
It must be very difficult to get out of a well known pattern and create something never written before !
I would love listening to them, learning about the creating process of their respective universes. I think it would such an interesting conference !

What about you ? Who would be on your dream book conference ? And what would they talk about ?



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