the-host-movieThe Host
Directed by Andrew Niccol
Released on March 29, 2013 (US)

Okay, I know it’s bad but I watched this movie before reading the book… Bad bad Flo !

The movie was… okay. I really enjoyed the story but there are things that bothered me.

The synopsis is really original and it made me want to buy the book. Somehow it made me think of the Animorphs series.
It was different from the usual YA book-to-movie adaptations  ! I wished it lasted a little longer, so I could learn more about this white and sterile version of earth.

I also enjoyed the characters and how they weren’t all black or all white ! It was great to see these characters changing their minds, thinking and well… being humans. The relationships were very interesting ! I’m not gonna say much more but I’ve never seen such a love triangle !

The cast was great ! They did such a great job giving life to these complicated characters !

But there were things that bothered me as I said earlier ; even though the story was really great I found the movie a little… flat.
I also had some issues with some parts of the story. But I can’t talk about it because well… spoilers !

Overall I quite enjoyed this movie !



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