Devil in the Countryside - Cory BarclayDevil In The Countryside
Author : Cory Barclay
Genres : historical, horror
Publication : January 5th 2017 by CreateSpace

Synopsis : Devil in the Countryside is a story about the most famous werewolf investigation in history, brimming with intrigue and war, love and betrayal, and long-kept vendettas.

It’s 1588, the height of the Reformation, and a killer is terrorizing the German countryside. There are reports that the legendary Werewolf of Bedburg has returned to a once-peaceful land. Heinrich Franz, a cold and calculating investigator, is tasked with finding whomever — or whatever — the killer might be. He’ll need all the help he can get, including that of a strange hunter who’s recently stumbled into town. Though they’re after the same thing, their reasons are worlds apart.

And through it all, a priest tries to keep the peace among his frightened townsfolk, while a young woman threatens his most basic beliefs.


I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review.


I learned so much while reading this book ! It’s based on real facts about a famous investigation involving a werewolf.

This book transports you to 1588 in a city called Bedburg. A series of atrocious murders is terrorizing the population. In a time when Christians and Protestants are opposed, these murders are even more concerning.

It follows the investigator Heinrich Franz, who is helped by a hunter, Georg Stieghart. It also follows father Nicholas Dieter, who is questioning his superior’s orders. And let’s not forget Sybil Griswold, daughter of a farmer.
All these characters are crossing paths, evolving in this city, hiding things from others.

I had troubles getting attached to any of these characters. I read this book like I would have read a post about an history event. It’s the first time I read a book based on facts.
It’s a dark and somber book, the only light is brought by Nicholas and Sybil’s relationship.

I really enjoyed reading this book ! What I found pretty original is the fact that it’s loosely based on facts. It doesn’t mean it’s too slow paced or lacking action, not at all ! The mystery is gripping, I really wanted to know the truth hidden behind this beast !


  • Heinrich is strange guy. He wants to find out the culprit of these murders but is ready to make everything, tell every lie, just to close this case. He is cunning, lonely and also cruel in his own way.
  • Georg has a gruesome past. He has an history with the werewolf already and is ready to slaughter anyone standing on his way.
  • Nicholas is the only character trying to do what’s right. He has a cute crush on Sybil which leads him on doubting is religion and more precisely its representatives on earth.
  • Sybil is like a lamb sent in the middle of a pack of wolves. She is candid for she has always been overprotected. But now, she has so much to endure.

Overall I enjoyed this book and found it really interesting !

4 stars


About the author

Cory BarclayAs far back as he can remember, Cory Barclay has always loved the “big picture” questions. How much knowledge did humanity lose when the Library of Alexandria was burned down? Why has the concept of Heaven remained intact, in one form or another, throughout most of human history and how has it impacted life on Earth?

And even before that, when he first began writing stories in grade school, he’s been fascinated with histories and mysteries. Whether Norse mythology, the Dark Ages, or the conquests of great leaders, Cory’s been that kid who wants to know what’s shaped our world and write about it. Especially the great unsolved mysteries.

So Devil in the Countryside was a natural for him.

Born and raised in San Diego, he graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz, where he studied Creative Writing and Modern Literary Studies. He’s also a songwriter and guitarist, and – no surprise – many of his songs explore the same topics he writes about – the great mysteries of our crazy world.

Devil in the Countryside is his second novel and he’s hard at work on its sequel.


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