The Isle Of BrigadoonThe Isle Of Brigadoon
Author : J.S Fields
Series : The Source
Genre : Fantasy
Publication : February 1st 2017 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Synopsis : After narrowly escaping the evil Source – Ambrose, discovering her mother was alive, and finally moving the Center of Magic. Reese finds herself on a floating island surrounded by yet another Source – Eva, with an ancient city of untold mysteries lying behind a magic wall. Still, for all she and her friends have found, they have lost their friend, Em to Ambrose, after a betrayal by one of their own.

Now, Ambrose intends to gather the forces of darkness to make a final assault on Reese and take the Center of Magic, the one thing he requires to destroy the world, and remake it as he sees fit.

Hope grows dim with every passing moment, and a strange prophecy warns of death, if Em is saved. What price would you pay for a friend’s life?


I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you again !
This is the second book in The Source series. I read the first book a year and a half ago.


The first book was sometimes slow paced to allow the author to set the scene, the world and introduce the characters.
This book is far from being slow paced, it’s gripping, witty and really interesting !

If you dwell on the pain of the past you will find that it is the pain of your future.

I really enjoyed Brigadoon. I was particularly curious about this special place, I wished they stayed longer haha ! The eerie atmosphere, the new characters, it was really great ! I really enjoyed the chapters taking place at Brigadoon. And let’s be honest, I was dreading the next confrontation between Reese and Ambrose.

Said confrontation was far from what I was expecting ! There’s blood, betrayal and multiple fights.

All books are magical, whether they are enchanted or not.

I really enjoyed reading this book ! It’s well written and you can’t help but want to find out how Reese and her friends will survive the next obstacle life will throw in their way !


  • Reese is now way stronger than ever. But she needs to learn how to wield her power properly.
  • Erik is solely focused on getting Em back. It got on my nerves to be honest. I understand how difficult it must be but still, there’s so much to achieve and he needs to stay focused !
  • Eva is a strangely interesting character ! She is mysterious and a great guide for Reese and her friends.
  • Quinn was such a comic relief ! He is one of my favorite characters, he made me laugh so much !
  • Dani is such a fierce warrior. I really appreciate her.

4 stars


About the author

JS FieldsJ.S. Fields is a YA author. He is from Kentucky – born and raised. He is an Engineer by day and fiction writer by night. He also has an unhealthy obsession with all things post-apocalyptic.

Author of debut novel: Center of Magic and now the sequel entitled: The Isle of Brigadoon.


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