Hello lovelies ! It’s that time of the week ! TWIB is a weekly meme hosted by Lipsyy Lost & found ! (But you already know that, unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last months… or years haha)

Anyway, let’s start, shall we ?

twib now 40

I am currently reading 2 books ! First, Les Talons Hauts Rapprochent Les Filles Du Ciel by Olivier Gay. I’m a little more than 50 pages in and really liking it so far.
I also started Feral Sins (Trey Coleman), the first book in a series called Phoenix Pack (La Meute du Phoenix) by Suzanne Wright. I’m almost half way through it and also really enjoying it !

twib 40 then

Last week I was reading The Winner’s Kiss, the final book in The Winner’s trilogy by Marie Rutkoski ! I LOVED it ! It ends perfectly this wonderful and amazing trilogy !

twib next 40

Next I was planning on rereading The V Girl by Mya Robarts. But I suddenly decided to go away for a few days, and I will be traveling by train for hours. So bringing physical books isn’t the most practical… I’ll probably bring my kindle. Which is why my next read will probably be one of these two e books : Le Sang Sur La Lame, the first book in a series (duology?) called Les Epées De Glace by Olivier Gay or L’Héritage Des Rois-Passeurs by Manon Fargetton ! But first, I need to finish my two current reads haha !

That’s it, what are you currently reading ??



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