Hello lovelies ! I’m back with my new category here, aka bookstagram ! Today I wanna share with you guys some tips I’ve learned since I started my bookstagram account years ago.

But first of all, disclaimer : I am for from being a big account nor a professional photographer so this post is based on my experience only !

the background

First of all, the background ! I’m gonna talk about what I personally like, and I know I’m not the only one. But bright and light background is better. Of course, I also know accounts, beautiful ones, with dark backgrounds but honestly bright and light photos are more loved.
And it’s easy to understand why ! Bringing light to a photo is very important and somehow gives life to it !

You can also use textured background of course ! it brings depth to your photo and alternating between different backgrounds is important to me. I like it when a feed has an identity but also a diversity when it comes to backgrounds or accessories.

I noticed I got more likes when I started using two big white sheets of thick paper as a background. Sometimes I add scarves or plaids and make a contrast between the white part and the textured part.

the lighting

Another important thing is the lighting. For that one I am still depending on the weather. For the natural light it’s important you observe the best moment during the day to take your photos : enough light but not enough to create shadows on your shot.

During my days off, I dedicate the end of the morning to my photoshoots. That’s when the light is enough to have a bright photo. And there are fewer shadows. I will probably buy some soft box later this year so I can take photos whenever I want !
Of course you can modify your photos thanks to softwares but it’s easier when the lighting is good on the initial shot !

That’s it for today ! I hope you liked that post ! I know it’s quite different from what I’m usually posting but I really enjoyed writing that one !



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