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Hello lovelies ! It has been a long time since I made a discussion post. Today I wanna talk about the change of main character in a series.

I am currently reading Dark Triumph by Robin Lafevers. It’s the second book in His Fair Assassin. The first book, Grave Mercy was taking place around Ismae. The book follows her on a very important mission regarding Gavriel Duval. But the second book follows Sybella, another girl trained at the convent. She crossed path with Ismae in the previous book, though. It’s the first time I read a fantasy series with a change of main character !

I am used to this change of MC in contemporary/romance series. Usually I don’t mind it, in the contemporary or romance books. It allows the writer to publish a whole series, to stay in a world they have built. Because let’s be honest, a whole romance series around the same MC, it’s pretty rare. I only have the After series in mind. Or maybe it happens when there are a lot of MC, such as in The Islanders series.

But to be honest, I find it rather disturbing in a fantasy series. I get it, His Fair Assassin is not a trilogy but rather companion novels. But I feel like we don’t get to really get attached to the characters. It’s easier when it’s a contemporary series because it’s easier to identify yourself to said character or to a situation. Moreover, we always know a lot about their feelings haha !
So I really prefer it the old fashioned way : a fantasy series with the same MC posse !

What about you, what’s your opinion on the matter ?




  1. Sometimes I don’t mind it when characters change, but only if it services the overall plot. I want to be able to follow my characters as the grow throughout a series, especially if I didn’t feel that their story was completely over.


  2. I so agree with you. With a contemporary series I actually prefer them to be companion novels so I can just check in with the previous couple instead of following another book of them maneuvering themselves around whatever conflict the author decides to insert.
    I struggle with this concept in fantasy books. I found that once I give them a chance they work really well, like the Starbounf trilogy and Illuminae Files, but there are still a few series that I’ve not completed because the next book focuses on a different character. The series I want to finish is the Lumatere Chronicles. The first book, Finnikin of the Rock, is one of my all time favourites and because of that I’ve not read the next two books because Finnikin and his lady love become supporting characters instead.

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      1. It’s so good and I’m going to finish the series but I just have to adjust to the new character pov. I’m told Finnikin still has a big role to play in the rest of the series so that makes me happy.

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