let's talk about unhauling

Hello lovelies ! I’m here with a new discussion post ! It has been a while since I posted one of these !
Today I want to talk about unhauling books.

For a looong time, this idea never crossed my mind. My bookshelves have always been big enough to shelter both books I loved/enjoyed and books I didn’t really appreciate or DNF’d.
Having a bookshelves full of books was the more important than having a shelf with only books I could reread.

I still have some room left on my huge bookshelves, so for now it’s not a room issue. Moreover, I’m planning on adding wall shelves on my bedroom, for my French mass paperbacks.
But I realized something : I have some books, even some that I did enjoy when I read them, that will never reread. Which means, they’re wasting some shelf space, and they could make someone else happy.
So I started thinking about unhauling some of said books. Don’t worry, it only concerns very few books. And I stil haven’t made up my mind completely. Because let’s be honest, I’m very proud of how my bookshelf looks, with all these books I bought throughout these past years.

So, even though I’m not decided yet, I started considering it. Which is a good start, right ?!

What about you ? Do you unhaul books you know you won’t reread ?



12 thoughts on “|LET’S TALK | UNHAULING BOOKS

  1. I DEFINITELY need to unhaul a lot of books when I get home from studying abroad. There are so many books on my shelves that I either won’t read or that I’ve read once and most likely will never pick up again. Time to make space for new favorites! ❤

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  2. I don’t reread like … ever? But I cannot let go of books. I think I did an unhaul of books that I knew I would just never read a couple years ago and I don’t miss them, but out of all my recent purchases, I don’t think I could part with anything. My shelves are overflowing and that’s exactly the way I like it hahaha

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