Hello lovelies ! How are you ? Today I’m gonna talk about writing reviews. More precisely, about reviewing every book you’re reading.

Lately, I haven’t been as active as usual on my blog. It also includes the time I spent writing my reviews. So the books waiting for their review are stacked on my shelf, waiting for their turn. But, for some of the books, their turn hasn’t come. And I have forgotten what I wanted to say in my review. Which is a problem hahaha !

So I decided to select the books I wanted to talk about. It took me some time to admit I couldn’t reviews all the books I read, to be honest. I took it as a failure. But as I said in another discussion post, I don’t want to feel like I MUST write reviews, blogging is my hobby.

So yeah, I’m still very late with writing my reviews but I know there are books that won’t get theirs and I’m now okay with that. No more useless pressure.


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