flo2020Hello lovelies ! As you probably have noticed if you’re still following my blog, I posted a book review yesterday after a year without posting anything.
Today I want to explain why. I don’t have to justify myself, I know but I want to explain.
One year ago I was struggling with balancing my life : work, crossfit and blogging. At some point, blogging and taking pictures for instagram felt as a burden, instead of a hobby as it used to be.
But here we are, one year later, and with the quarantine, I decided to take some book pictures that I started posting again. I also wrote my first review and yesterday I finally posted here.

So yeah, somehow I’m back. But I won’t post as much as I used to. I probably won’t post challenges, memes or TBR.

For now I’m happy to write back here and I hope it will stay that way !

Talk to you soon !




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